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needU Enzyme Drink for Pets

It is a health drink for your pets with extracts from plant carefully selected for dogs and cats, fermented and aged for a long time.

needU Enzyme drink for Pets 100ml


Plant fermentation extract (sugar beet sugar, carrot, apple, radish, cabbage, spinach, burdock, banana, celery, cucumber, moji, peppers, eggplant, tomato, shiitake, ginger, kelp, salt) · seaweed (kelp) extract


① Please give 1 to 2 ml per day as a guide to normal weight of 1 kg. Adjust the amount while watching the condition of the pet.
② Please dilute with water, and use early.
③ Please do not mix with hot meals or drinks.
④ Because it uses natural ingredients, sediments may occur. In that case please shake gently.
⑤ In rare cases, it may not fit your pet's constitution and physical condition, so please start using a small amount when using for the first time.
⑥ Avoid direct sunlight and strong shock, please save at room temperature or refrigerator, cool and dark place.
⑦ If the condition of your pet's is not good, please consult a professional veterinarian.


Crude protein: 0.1% or less Crude lipid: 0.1% or less
Crude fiber: 0.1% or less Crude ash content: 0.2% or less
Moisture: 49.0% or less


NeedU enzyme drink is an additive-free plant fermented extract that leads our intestinal environment to a positive direction. We manufacture 57 kinds of vegetables, fruits, seaweeds as raw materials.

To extract the plant extract, sugar beet from Hokkaido is used. Sugar beet sugar is a carbohydrate recognized in the world of macrobiotics, the contained oligosaccharide has the property of activating bifidobacteria.

Generally, fermented foods are fermented by adding specially cultured bacteria called starters. Instead, NeedU enzyme drinks are subjected to natural fermentation and maturation without leaving the starter added to the function of bacteria derived from raw materials.

We carefully manage the fermented extract for 90 days in short-term maturation, 3 years or more in long-term maturation, and up to 10 years in super long-term maturation for each barrel. NeedU enzyme drink is one of the few brands that sticks to additive‐free fermentation. We carry out water quality inspection and radioactive material inspection.

by needU
Yusaku Sugino
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