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100% Pure Fine Cashmere Stoles

Pure Cashmere Stoles Extra Soft and Luxuriant in Style and Definition. These stoles are also called Kani Jamawar Stoles.

USD$72.39 / Piece
Min Order: 20

Size 70 x 120 cm each

Cashmere or from Kashmir, India as the British termed it when they found it during their colonial rule over India. 

Cashmere is influenced by Persian style, fused with the Mughal style and now, has its own characteristics and features of its own.

Irakoi presents to you pure Cashmere that is super soft, pure and warmer than ordinary wool and extremely light weight.

Soft and light, its perfect for the neck area, as it is not rough.

Cashmere stoles are decorated with Kani Stitching, a kind of big wooden needle work.  A fabulous art over clothing, coming through generations.  

An internationally acclaimed jewel, the Cashmere and the Pashminas are a treasure to behold.

For more information on the origin of Cashmere and its history, please feel free to email me at shiuli@umbrioconsulting.com

by Irakoi
Shiuli Roy
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