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USB Connected Hand Warmer

A USB Connectes Hand warmer made for gamers. Flexible and reaches 130°F once its plugged into a usb port. Never runs out of heat. 100% Safe to use

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What is the one thing that all gamers have in common? 

Cold hands. 

This is such a big problem for gamers that alot of gamers buy heating pads, (The ones for wildlife and camping)

The only problem with the heating pads they use today is that they run out of heat after a few hours, Leading them to buy new ones over and over again. 

We wanted to end this madness, So we created the E-Sport Hand Warmer, A flexible usb connected handwarmer that reaches 130F and never runs out of heat. 

We have designed it to not only have endless heat, but we have also designed it with a soft flexible materials similar to a stressball. 

This is so that when gamers are playing around with it they get warm hands and better bloodflow, Which leads to better reaction time and overall performance.

We are the only hand Warmer on the market that has theese 2 components, the other ones are either made out of hard materials or they run out of heat. 

by E-Sport Hand Warmer
Kevin Mulenga
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